This is called O….haha. Tis freakkyyyyy. 


bloody handprint


bloody handprint

Long rant!

My twitter timeline is once again being filled up with celebrity big brother shit. “celebrity” is not a word I would describe for many of the housemates. Hasbeens would be a better choice. I don’t get the hype. What is so entertaining than seeing a bunch of nobodys sitting in a house doing everyday things?! It’s the most pointless programme ever. The “celebrities” only go on it to boost their status and to make money to feed their drug habits (Frankie cokeupthenoza….) . It’s been on our screens for too long. Tv boadcasters really need to take it off our screens permanently.

Tv is a pile of wank these days. Bring back 90s gameshows, or actual decent stuff to watch.

end rant

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I remember 2011 like it was yesterday.

Happy new year!!

It’s 2012 in the UK!